k-pop fan by day, consumer electronics by day as well, i guess


i discovered k-pop in 2015 and have listened to many groups such as wjsn, red velvet, and apink

mechanical keyboards

i have a fond interest in mechanical keyboard mechanisms and designs, having built four of my own

hi-fi audio

i'm also interested in high-fidelity audio and enjoying lossless audio


my favorite group is wjsn (cosmic girls), my favorite member is luda, with my favorite song from wjsn being 'la la love'

i also have a youtube channel for creating videos on wjsn

as well as cosmic girls, i also enjoy red velvet, apink, dreamcatcher, and many more groups, my spotify has curated playlists for every group i like, as well as playlists for general genres


i got into keyboards in 2019 when i built my first ever custom mechanical keyboards with kailh box jade clicky switches inside it, this was the beginning of a long journey discovering new switches and keyboard feels

i have also made switch reviews on all the switches i own

tokyo sakura

zeal tealios v2 67g switches
zeal genuine screw-in stabilisers
kdbfans dz60-ansi pcb
kbdfans tofu60 silver
kbdfans 60% brass plate
akko world tour tokyo

switches lubed with tribosys 3204
stabs lubed with krytox 205g0


zeal sakurios v2 62g switches
gmk genuine screw-in stabilisers
kdbfans dz60 pcb
kbdfans 5 degree black
kbdfans 60% aluminium plate
kdbfans pirate

switches lubed with krytox 205g0
stabs lubed with krytox 205g0


i got into hi-fi audio in 2019 with the purchase of my fiio fh5 in-ear monitors, since getting them, i have reviewed and kept several other audio pieces

fiio fh5

the fiio fh5 in-ear monitors are my favorite piece of audio equipment i own, they are tremendously-detailed, with a neutral-leaning sound signature, whilst not compromising on the lows or the highs

sennheiser hd 580 precision (1993)

the sennheiser hd 580 precision are arguably my most iconic piece of hardware in my audio collection, it is a great-sounding open-backed pair of headphones that pack a punch in the lows and mids, although recessed in the highs

samsung galaxy buds+

the samsung galaxy buds+ are my bluetooth buds of choice for when i'm out and about, while these are not the greatest sounding earbuds, the seamless and convenient integration with my samsung s20 makes them worth keeping in my carry